1. echo-of-a-thousand-dreams asked: Once you get this you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (not back to me, I did it already). Thinking good things about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity! (✿^▽^)

    1. I’m a little narcissistic hahahah

    2. I’m a strongwilled woman

    3. I think being a flirty sexbomb is one of my qualities HAHAH

    4. people told me that I have humor

    5. no one has nicer boobs than me


    I’m sorry, I rly don’t know how to come up with 5 serious facts XDDDDDDDDD HAHAHA it is rly difficult

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    Translation: StarkStrider


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  3. Listen.

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  5. daktasinsanity:

    Summary: Eren is forced to a blind date. He didn’t look forward to the awkwardness that was sure to follow when he had to break it to his date that he had to leave. He had played the whole scene in his head many times to get it right. He would be able to do this just as he had rehearsed. Sit down, tell them you are sorry to cut it short and walk out. Simple plan.

    But as it turned out, nothing is simple as it first seems..

    Pairing: Levi/Eren

    Rating: Explicit

    Chapter summary: Things spiral slightly out of control.

    AN: Ok, so last week we had a plot twist in from of out most precious character in all of Blind Date’s history. You know who I mean. 
    I hope you enjoy this little thingy here. I’ve been writing the next 2 chapters at the same time so I hope I have not got things all jumbled up, hehe

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    Haters keep on hating in the tag, and meanwhile, we get this gem.